The Horsemans boy - Giclee Print

In October of 2017 I travelled up Langtang Valley mostly on horseback following a severe knee injury sustained by falling down a hole in Khtamandu. From Sherpagong upwards there are a series of horsemen who it is possible to rent horses from. This image shows the Kyanjing horseman’s son on the red horse that took me to Langshisa Karka. This particular horse was ‘right shy’ meaning that following an injury it preferred to walk on the left hoof side of the path. This was fine on the way up the valley, because the precipice that fell into the river was on the right side of the path. On the way back however the horse tight rope walked along the left edge of the path millimetres from disaster! I had no choice but to trust in the horses ability not to fall. Further down the valley the horse was spooked when we were attacked by a pack of wild dogs. 

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