Last October, UK Based Artist Stephen King found The Giant.

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Stephen King is a Twickenham based Artist who is able to offer high quality giclee prints, framed or unframed, as well as original artworks.
Mani Wall, Oil on Canvas. April 2018 48 x 46 inches
Mani Wall, Oil on Canvas. April 2018 48 x 46 inches
“Over the past 26 years I have been painting the mountains in Langtang valley. On my first visit in 1992 I came close to dying of altitude sickness and dysentery. But the impressive sight of the mountains revived and inspired me to draw and photograph them. Last October I completed my journey to the head of the valley at Langshisa Karka on horseback with a broken knee. I always found the mountain Gangchenpo particularly difficult to depict. The main peak is so stunningly beautiful that for years it created a blind spot on its Southern flank.”
In October of last year whilst drawing the mountains Stephen King noticed that this mysterious blind spot was hiding the stone carved figure of a giant man. In paintings of the mountains he had noticed that his subconscious has drawn on images of human forms within his subconscious mind, as tools to depict the rock and ice. But this was different.
“Given that at my age I am permanently out of my head on Statins and Thyroxine I decided to see if anyone else could see it. When I pointed it out to a local man he could suddenly see it too. Although he had lived in the valley all his life he had never noticed it before. So this giant man was not a product of my subconscious mind, it had been hidden in plane sight from everyone.”
But how did he get there? was the carving made by the extremely fit and agile local inhabitants, or by natural processes? Each of these explanations are extraordinary. A third possibility is that he was carved by visiting Aliens. This explanation is discounted by Stephen King as being far too ordinary. No matter what the explanation is, the fact remains that the giant is there, gazing impassibly down the valley towards the rest of the world.
I noticed that the face of the Giant was very similar to that of my friend Chimay Lama.
The effect of the carving changes through the day as the sun passes across the sky. The middle of the day seems to be the optimal time to view it. The image appears in Stephen Kings 1992 photographs and he has even seen it in photographs from the first western visitors to the valley.
Langtang Giant
Gangshempo mountain viewed at different times of the day.